The best way to take care of a dog

Anyone can keep or raise a healthy dog in their homes.  What matters is whether one knows how best to treat the dog. If you need to effectively look after your puppy, you need to know a lot about dogs. Here are some helpful tips to help your puppy live a long and healthy life.

It is advisable not to skimp on the loading, whenever you travel with your dog. You should remember to give the dog food, water and any medications it might be on at the right time. Many experts suggest that you carry additional leash, vaccination paperwork, labels and his grooming products. Carry a set sheet for your puppy if you are going to stay in the hotel.

careTake time to check on the dog when traveling by car throughout the journey to be sure that the puppy will be cool. Despite having your air conditioning on, your dog may be over heated in his pet carrier. Ensure that it gets cool and fresh air for comfort and to also enable him to relax.

If you have other dogs in the home, watch out if the dogs are jealous of the new dog. Particularly if you show much concern to the new dog, the older dogs may hurt the new one. They will see the new dog as an intruder. They may be cruel on the new dog and they can hurt it if you do not defend it.

If you have a hard time shouting at your puppy and you get less or no respond, you should try communicating to it non-verbally. If it responds positively, reward him until he understands all that you want it to learn. You can even set some time to train it every day. Ensure that the sessions are short enough and enjoyable. Be patient with the dog because it might take longer time to respond than you would like it to.

 If you don’t want the dog to leave your compound, make sure you put a fence all round your home, leaving no space for it to pass. This will prevent it from going to the garden and other places that could be dangerous. It will also prevent it from being hurt by other dogs.

Be careful when selecting what type of food to feed your dog with. Some pet foods contain food colours and fillers which might not be healthy for them. To be sure that your dog eats healthy food, you can make raw food diet for dogs. All you need is some lean meat, grains and some vegetables. Be sure to make the larger percentage to be meat. Keep a close check on the dog’s progress and if it shows signs of increasing weight, reduce the amount of food you give to it daily little by little.

You should provide enough water to your pet throughout the summer season. Give the dog a cool, shaded place where it can rest when it gets hot. You should fit the jar container in a place where the dog can’t move to prevent wetting the flour. Summer time is normally too hot and the dog gets thirsty too, hence the need for water.

Dogs are interesting animals to live with in your home. But for them to live a healthy and happy life, you will need to consider using the above tips to help you achieve that goal. Always consult your vet if you notice any signs of illness with your dogs. There is much of information in the internet that you can learn about dogs and how to live with them.

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